Healthcare Human Factors
Healthcare Human Factors
Designer, Photographer, Illustrator
In development stages.
You can view the current brand here:
Kelsey Hannon, Jacqueline Simpson,
Chantal Theriault
Healthcare Human Factors (HHF) is a non-for-profit engineering and design firm located in Toronto General Hospital. HHF is composed of a team of engineers, researchers, designers, and strategists working together to transform healthcare so that it is intuitive, safe, and supportive.

As part of the branding team, we were asked to create an academic yet, playful brand direction to better represent Healthcare Human Factor's dynamic, evolving, and innovative approach to healthcare design.

The organic forms used throughout the new branding is employed here as a living shape that is able to grow and change over time as well as give a more human touch to the clinical world.

Overlapping strokes were used to represent the intersections between design and engineering, as the colourful palette brings life to the company and inspires magic and change within healthcare.